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Fantasy Author Meagan Poetschlag

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Welcome to My Author Page

Here there be dragons, shape-shifters,

magic, and werewolves.

At least, there are books full of them

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Dragons of Angoleth series

Life in New York City is already crazy enough. But for Soraya, the normal stress of a high school senior is only enhanced tenfold when she suddenly begins to lose control of an ability she never truly understood. Heightened emotions trigger something inside Soraya that wants to show itself. A part of Soraya bubbling beneath the skin surface. Only a magical bracelet keeps her from becoming something... inhuman.

Or, maybe fate has other plans. Perhaps Soraya is not supposed to be a human at all. Rescued and mesmerized by a young man with crimson wings, Soraya suddenly wakes up on the other side of a portal to a parallel world—Angoleth—a place where dragons and magic rule the land. Not just any magic, however. Dark magic is making Angoleth's residents suffer.

Can Soraya handle the truth of who and what she really is? Will it help her gain the control she needs or only leave her burning with even more questions and desires?

To solve her problems at home, she will first have to dive deep into the troubles and dangers of a land she knows nothing about. A realm that could easily devour her whole. Is Soraya the heir Angoleth has been waiting for?

Wolf's Blood Plague of Snowbrook

19 year old vegetarian, Clair Wilson, and her parents suddenly move away from their cozy apartment in San Diego to find themselves in the rural forest town of Snowbrook, Oregon. Rachel Wilson, a microbiologist from the University of San Diego, had been hired to help the town research a deadly disease that was killing off endangered animals on the wildlife reserve. Dean Wilson, Clair's father, was offered a promotion to a detective position at the town's local police station. So Clair was now stuck tagging along for the ride. Soon she began to make friends with the mysterious local, Aidan Wolff, who helps her get her bearings around town. He and his family try to mostly keep to themselves, for they risk exposing a dark family secret, and also themselves to the deadly plague. Clair's dreams soon become haunted by a black, blue eyed wolf who saved her life in the forest and she begins to get herself caught up in the secrets of a dangerous existence. Why would a wolf bother to save her life? What was the true cause of the deadly plague? Would she survive this place long enough to return to the life she loved back in San Diego, or will her fate leave her and her loved ones as bait for the wolves? 


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